Tezcatlipoca — Jaguars, The Night Sky, Obsidian, Divination, The Night’s Winds, The Smoking/Erupting Mirror, & The Days

November 24, 2016 in Stories

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Jaguar Tepeyollotl

Tezcatlipoca was of the night’s sky, and made with it his divination, and his jaguars. And a smoking/erupting mirror, that made an enemy of both sides, and of the near and the nigh, as a lord is an enemy even as possessor of the earth and the sky.

And a talisman is a disc, with its concepts and skulls there-within, as an enmity is a requirement for a question, and a sorcery for obsidian. The night’s winds are a requirement as well, for the north, or earth, under which, seemingly the question from his.

A smoking-erupting mirror, and it’s rulership, which, various with the days, and with the lords of the various nights. And a connection with obsidian, from which mirrors are fashioned, as the blood of the earth. Whether meaty mirrors, or forged ones, for the day must eat.

And central to that question, Tezcatlipoca dressed in his jaguar skins and asked a question. Two Reeds. Night, Wind. Possessor of the Sky and the Earth. Lord of the Near and the Far. And questioning with his smoking/erupting mirror.

Abalone shells. A day in late spring. And with war and strife for a certain sort of ritual.

Or in his form Tepeyollotl, Mountain-heart.

Or losing a foot in baiting, to the crocodile that the world is made from. On one of its enormous teeth sits the universe that’s known. And in exchange, one can offer a part up, for a look back, into that place.

Or a crocodile swimming through a stream. And the king vulture up ahead making his perceptions clean, in that sort of stomach acid that goes along with eating the long dead.

And who was associated with that sacrifice, but the very clean. And with the taken leg always replaced with a snake. For He By Whom We Live asks his questions.

And with a smoking obsidian knife in his forehead.

The patron of the days.

Always built facing East-West, direct in relation with the movement of the sun. Facades facing to the west.

And at the stone seat, with the day.

To always cover oneself in the black soot. And to wear the face of the day.

And Tezcatlipoca’s brother Quetzalcoatl, and he, exchanging days or slaves.

Rife with parallels, Tezcatlipoca started the Five Suns, but was killed by brother Quetzalcoatl, so he became jaguar, and the Sun of Water was Quetzalcoatl’s.
But Sun of Wind was Tezcatlipoca’s, as Tezcatlipoca loved the wind and so killed his brother.

Both being instrumental, in sort.

Change through conflict. In the codex carrying the 20 day signs of the calendar. And with royalty. Always, with the coronation speeches…

And as Tezcatlipoca turned himself into the sun, brother Quetzalcoatl, angry at his brother’s missing foot, knocked Tezcatlipoca out of the sky and beat him with a stone club. And Tezcatlipoca, angry, turned into jaguar and destroyed the world.

And so Quetzalcoatl started the second age, and populated it again. And Tezcatlipoca took the day, and Quetzalcoatl made a great wind, and devastated the world. And the people became monkeys, those that lived.

And rain itself, Tlaloc, then became the day. And Tezcatlipoca took his wife. And Tlaloc stopped the rain for years. And then he made it rain fire. And then those that survived became the birds.

And lady water, Chalchihuitlicue, became the sun. And Tezcatlipoca said she was not truly kind, but of the facile kind, and she wept and wept and destroyed the world in floods. The people that survived became the dolphins, and manatees, and rivers, and whales.

And at a start, with only the sea and the crocodile Cipactli, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl. And Tezcatlipoca used himself as bait, offering himself up as a sacrifice, to know. And Cipactli ate his leg, and so his leg became a snake. Where his leg had been that is, became a snake. And so the brothers captured lady crocodile, and distorted her, in a way, to make land, and space, and time. And they made the people. And people have to sacrifice to comfort Cipactli in her sufferings.

And Tepeyollotl, god of the Eighth Hour of the Night, and of earthquakes, echoes, and yaguareté. A jaguar leaping into the sun. Cross-eyed, and with his green feathers. And Tezcatlipoca sometimes wore Tepeyollotl as one of his animals’ skins. And a trick, to not know who he was.

And where the roots and trees absolve you, I do fall. And ask you…

codex Borgia Tezcatlipoca

Codex Borgia images

Snake leg Tezcatlipoca

Jaguar skin Tezcatlipoca


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