The Two Wrestlers — Inter-Action, Context, & Experience In A Mobius Universe

November 24, 2016 in Stories

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A two-ton wrestler, unbeaten in his own land, went searching for a three-ton wrestler, who he had heard lived not very far away. The two wrestlers met, and they began wrestling in the field of a farmer. In the process of doing so, they killed and crushed six or seven goats, part of a herd of forty or fifty, belonging to an old woman living nearby.

The old woman heard the two-ton wrestler, and the three-ton wrestler, and came upon the two wrestlers. Seeing some of her goats dead and crushed, she walked over and gathered them up, the dead goats and the living ones, and put them in a bag. And she picked up the two-ton wrestler, and put him on her shoulder, and she picked up the three-ton wrestler, and put him on her other shoulder. And she made her way back home.

Along the way, an old vulture smelled the dead goats, and the living goats, and came down, and grabbed the old woman, with the two wrestlers on her shoulders wrestling, and the bag of goats, and flew off into the sky. As the vulture flew, over a king’s palace, it let go of the old woman. And the old woman, the goats, and the two wrestlers, fell and landed in the eye of a princess, sitting on a palace roof, looking at the stars.

And so the princess called out to her courtiers and servants, asking them all to look into her eye, and to see what it was that caused her such discomfort. No one, however, not even the court doctor, could find anything in the princess’s eye. So the king called a council, and asked his advisors what to do. One of these advisors, said that a local fisherman should be called, and that he should cast his net into the princess’s eye, and thereby extract whatever it was that caused her such pain.

The local fisherman was called, and taking his best net he cast it into the princess’s eye. And he and his relatives all began to pull and pull, until they were so tired that they could hardly stand. And finally they pulled the net all the way through, and out of the princess’s eye. And there in the net was the old woman, and the bag of goats, and the two wrestlers, still grappling on her back, as though nothing had happened.

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