Googly Eyed Stubby Squid — Facts, Video, & Photos

October 29, 2016 in Animals & Insects

The Googly Eyed Stubby Squid is a type of stubby squid — which is a group of cephalopods (order Sepiolida) that are closely related to cuttlefish, and are also known commonly as bobtail squid or dumpling squid — that has a very distinct look to it. The eyes really say it all as far as the name is concerned.

In common with other stubby squid (bobtail squid), the species possesses no cuttlebone, and has a rounder mantle than cuttlefish do. They possess 8 suckered arms, two tentacles, and probably look a fair bit like an octopus to many people. Most species are fairly small, as one can see in the photos and video below.

The Sepiolida cephalopods live mostly in the shallow coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean, portions of the Indian Ocean, and, to a lesser degree, in shallow waters off the west coast of South Africa.
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