Tezcatlipoca — Jaguars, The Night Sky, Obsidian, Divination, The Night’s Winds, The Smoking/Erupting Mirror, & The Days

November 24, 2016 in Stories

Jaguar Tepeyollotl

Tezcatlipoca was of the night’s sky, and made with it his divination, and his jaguars. And a smoking/erupting mirror, that made an enemy of both sides, and of the near and the nigh, as a lord is an enemy even as possessor of the earth and the sky.
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Stories, Mirrors, Hypnos, Dreams, Nemesis, Nyx, & K’awiil

March 3, 2015 in Humans

This article doesn’t really have a point to it, it’s merely me referencing various stories from various corners of the world and time, that are connected in my mind, for whatever reason.

Ancient Greek art vase
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