Fjord Waters Becoming Darker Due To Climate Change, Leading To Fewer Fish And More Jellyfish

November 23, 2012 in Animals & Insects, Geology & Climate

The waters of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and of Norway’s fjords and coasts, are becoming darker as a result of climate change, according to new research. The darkening is primarily being caused by the increasing levels of organic compounds in the waters, brought to the coasts via regional rivers and lake drainage.

This darker water has been resulting in fewer marine areas with fish, and more with jellyfish. The jellyfish benefit from the darker waters, while the fish have a harder time competing with them because of the increased darkness.

According to University of Bergen marine biologist, Dag L. Aksnes, the process has probably been occurring over many decades. And there is clear evidence that recent changes in weather patterns and in the climate are accelerating it.

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