The Smith And Death (The Smith And The Devil) – Story

November 24, 2016 in Stories

In a village once, there was a man who was not as the others in the village were, he was good. He was a blacksmith, and he worked at the smithy that he had built. And death watched him, and wondered why he was good. And so he decided to test the blacksmith.

And so death went to the blacksmith’s forge, and he told the smith, “I am a blacksmith, I know the craft well. I can do the work of ten men, and I can do it well. If you want to know my price, it’s simple, it’s 10 copper pieces a day.

The blacksmith was happy to hear the price, for it was so low, and so he hired him. And so death began to work, and it was as he said, he could do the work of ten men, and for only 10 coins a day of copper.
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