Deep Sea Animals & Life — Fundamental Patterns, Convergent Evolution, & Other Worlds

February 9, 2015 in Animals & Insects

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It’s been said before that the deep sea may as well be another world considering how distant it is from us, and how strange some of the life forms that live down may there seem to us.

And indeed in some ways the life-forms that live down there do seem strange, but at the same time they certainly do have something clearly recognizable about them do they not? Strange, but also familiar at the same time? Not quite truly alien — if it’s even possible for people to conceive of or imagine (or perhaps even be aware of?) the truly alien. Perhaps the world is filled up with the “truly alien” but it’s just that people aren’t aware of it?

After all, everything really just comes down to familiarity does it not? And people can get used to practically anything after all, even the rather strange ways that modern people live, for example.

On that note, here are some images of some of the inhabitants of the deep, deep oceans.

Deep sea red jellyfish

Deep sea angel jellyfish

Angler fish deep ocean

Angler fish weird

Deep sea fish mouth

Deep sea anglerfish

Transparent deep sea fish

See through jellyfish deep sea

Amphipod deep sea

Octopus deep sea

Deep sea whip coral

Deep sea salps

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